Benefit Communication

Effective communication of your benefits package is an important piece in making your employee benefit program and adoption successful. EAI can provide your firm with the right tools to successfully educate your employees on all of your company's benefits. Utilizing our benefit communication tools and methods, employees will have the knowledge necessary to maximize their benefit options, leading to higher satisfaction rates and perceived value.

Benefit Booklets
EAI can create a single reference guide that details your company's eligibility requirements, insurance benefits, deferred compensation plans, paid time accrual and other valuable benefits. This is a great booklet they can refer to throughout the year.

Click here to see a sample of one of our custom benefit booklets.

Benefit Statements
More often than not, employees don't have the full picture when it comes to the amount of compensation they are receiving with employer paid benefits. A summary of the benefits provided for the employee can be an important tool in illustrating the "total compensation" the employer provides. EAI can create and distribute a complete statement of benefits for your employees.

Enrollment Services
Whether conducting an open enrollment for all of your employee benefits, introducing a single new insurance plan, or rolling out an online enrollment system our enrollment services team will act as an extension of your HR Department and give your firm the added support needed for a successful enrollment. Here are they type of services you can expect with our team:
  • Enrollment Planning - Our team can organize and schedule your enrollment in a fashion that limits disruption of work flow and meets enrollment goals. Our team will deliver on a collaborated enrollment model that works within your company's processes. We can effectively advertise, schedule and conduct the enrollment meetings.

  • Benefit Counselors - Our experienced team is trained to service and educate the employee on all their benefits - not sell products - but rather, make the experience an educational process. Our team is non commission/incentive paid and will educate, assist and enroll your employees without sales pressure.

  • Custom Enrollment Forms - Our team can simply process, save time and reduce enrollment errors by creating universal and pre-filled benefit forms.

  • Electronic Enrollment - By loading census data and benefit rules into enrollment software, we can simplify the enrollment process significantly and guarantee accuracy. Our team can enroll employees on laptop computers on site or via the web. Employees can easily print a statement of their selected benefits.

  • Call Center Enrollment - For employees not tied to a location enrollment can be difficult. Our call center service allows for employees to complete enrollment over the phone.

Online Enrollment System
With the enrollment of benefits becoming increasingly consuming of HR's time, an online enrollment system is an invaluable investment to any organization's benefits package. True to our commitment to finding greater efficiencies in benefits for our clients, EAI distributes EBenefits, a single tool that provides your employees with 24 hour access to all of their benefit needs. For the employer, it is a single data entry system that will reduce or eliminate the many processes of benefit enrollment. The single system eliminates paper enrollment - assuring payroll deduction accuracy. It is a web-based enrollment and eliminates costly open enrollment processes by providing a single enrollment entry for ALL products/carriers. Gone are the days of multiple entry or duplicate paper copies.

Learn how the EBenefits system will enhance your benefits and increase HR productivity.

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